We Partnered with Xero to Offer Agents
a Complete Automated Solution to the
Accounting Nightmare

As an Agent, your Brokerage tracks your sales performance, earnings and expenses on your behalf.
Through statements and reports you can piece together a complete financial picture. But with 
Agent47, you can automate the transfer of that information to your own set of records.

Reporting Reporting

All the Reporting
You'll Ever Need

  • Profit and loss (P&L)

  • Balance sheets

  • Cashflow

  • Budgets

  • Sales performance and earnings

Credit Card Feeds

Access Bank and Credit Card Feeds for Quick Reconciliations

  • All Loft activity posts to Xero with a link back for a quick reference

  • Use payment partners to automate your payments through Xero

  • Xero displays realtime banking transactions to ensure that your bank account is always in balance!

Deal Information

Submit, View and Share Deal Information

  • Real Estate transaction activity is matched to live bank feeds in Xero for simple reconciliation

  • Commissions earned, deductions taken and invoices from your Brokerage are automatically posted in your Xero account. 

Get your Accounting Automated 

With our licensing packages, we will set you up with your own copy of the Xero accounting platform. All commissions, fees and billing completed by your Brokerage will automatically flow into your own records.

Your accountant will love you! 

Earn peace of mind and business intelligence with monthly bank reconciliations, expense booking and production data accessible to you anywhere, anytime.

If your Brokerage currently works with Loft, you will get access to Agent47 for just $10/month.


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