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Real Estate Agents high-fiving from a sale.


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They’re taking care of everything,” says Leslie. “And that allows me to spend all my time really focusing on my clients and really doing the things that I do best - and it’s not the bookkeeping part of the job.

Leslie PetersonRE/MAX Gallery

Accounting should be done smoothly, quickly and accurately. For when you need the answer to... 

"How much am I spending on marketing?" or, 

"How much have I paid this year in closing gifts,” and 

“What is my business costing me to run?" 


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When you can see what’s coming down the pipe, you can spend less time digging through paperwork. You can spend time on growing your bottom line.

I finally could get access to all my financial data, all the time. It was right there in front of me - and I could understand all the terms because there was no jargon. Now that I have more control over my finances, I can prioritize next moves. With the transparency that Loft gave me, I felt like I knew what was going on in my business.

Ted Schaar, RE/MAX Gallery

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