The Benefits of Integrating Loft47 & DocuSign

Transaction details, powered by Real Estate Agents, teams or Brokerages, flow to Loft and automate deals that were entered in DocuSign. 
Get a snapshot of future income!  Brokers have the ability to review pending income in Loft, based on Agents' DocuSign Rooms that have not yet completed. 
Eliminate time spent on data entry. The process of reviewing the deal details your Agents have entered into DocuSign makes it simple to review.
If information in the Rooms has changed, you can re-sync the detail from DocuSign over to Loft as often as you like.

How We Work Together  

Take advantage of the hard work your Agents have already done with the Loft-DocuSign integration. All documentation and transaction details that have been entered in DocuSign Rooms, will move over to Loft for your Administrative team to review. 





About DocSign

DocuSign® is the fastest, most secure way to transform every step of a real estate transaction into a simple digital action on any mobile device, from anywhere in the world. With more than 200 million users across 188 countries, DocuSign is the easiest and most trusted service to keep life and business moving forward. 


  + Send agreements out for signature to customers anytime, anywhere, speeding up the real estate transaction  process
  + Centralize all transaction document and details in one Room
   + Connect to commonly used systems, like CRM or Accounting packages, to transfer data and avoid re-keying information
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Hear it from Real Customers

Mike Turner, Royal LePage Turner Turner Realty, has finally achieved a paperless office with the DocuSign and Loft47 integration: 

I’ve been using DocuSign Rooms for over 5 years to manage our paperless office. The Loft-DocuSign integration is the first time I’ve had the information flowing from listing to paying out Agents with direct deposit. I’ve tried a number of competitors but there was always something missing. This is now a truly paperless system from listing to close.” – Mike Turner

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