Loft47 and Routable

The Benefits of Integrating Loft47 & Routable

Loft and Routable are working together to ensure you get your Agents paid quickly. Close a transaction in Loft47 and head straight to Routable to release funds. Pay your Agents, vendors and collect receivables with this streamlined solution.

Agent Payments

Your Agents will have sales, sales, sales on the top of their minds when commissions-earned are quickly received in their bank accounts.

Reduce Data Entry

Eliminate time spent on data entry. This streamlined integration makes the process of paying your Agents from Loft to Routable super simple.

Two-way Sync

Be confident in your approval process with customizable approval rules. Two-way syncing keeps your general ledger up-to-date.

How We Work Together  

Routable syncs commission data between Loft47, your accounting software, and Routable in real time. In the Real Estate industry, Agents want to be paid out quickly. With Routable, standard deposits land in accounts in 2-3 days, with an option for same day deposit.

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About Routable

Making easy business payments a reality. Routable is the simplest way to send and receive business-to-business (B2B) payments. We work close together to make your Agent payout process seamless.

  • Eliminate time spent on data entry, accounting updates, and vendor management
  • Gain control with customized approval workflows that are easy to manage
  • Enable success for your team with easy bulk processing and mass payment options

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