Loft47 and Skyslope

The Benefits of Integrating Loft47 & Skyslope

Transaction details, powered by Real Estate Agents, teams or Brokerages, flow to Loft and automate deals that were entered in Skyslope.

Reduce Data Entry

Eliminate time spent on data entry. The process of reviewing the deal details your Agents have entered into Skyslope makes it simple to review.

Pending Income

Get a snapshot of future income! Brokers have the ability to review pending income in Loft, based on Agents' Skyslope deals that are pending.

Effortless Compliance

Leverage Skyslope's log which keeps a digital footprint of each interaction so you're on top of your deal from stem to stern.

How We Work Together  

Take advantage of the hard work done by your Agents who have already created deals in Skyslope. All transaction details that have been entered into skyslope, will move over to Loft for your Administrative team to review.

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About Skyslope

Skyslope is an all around Brokerage transaction management system

  • From integration to automation we streamline your workflow so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Review files in half the time with a streamlined review process and customized checklists. It’s autopilot for your review process.
  • Fully Integrated E-Signature, simply upload your documents, add your client’s name and email, and show them where to sign.

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