Loft gives me freedom in running my business. They really understand all these new platforms and new technology systems, and build their platform to integrate with them. With everything integrated, the financial part of my business is really easy to access from wherever I may be.”

Vanessa Bergmark, - Owner / President, Red Oak Realty, Oakland, CA

Because we have other offices, the biggest thing for me is now being able to have our admins at the other offices actually enter information and enter pendings. I basically had to do that myself because it was on my computer. So I was doing a lot of entering, where now I can get that spread out amongst the staff.”


Kim Maggini - Operations Manager, RE/MAX United, Rockford, MI











For me it’s an easy interface to learn. It’s natural. The other tools I demoed, they either tried to be too much of everything, so they weren’t very good at any particular thing. So I thought, Loft is good at what it does.”


Andy York - Broker/Owner, Realtopia Real Estate, Lockport, IL

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