Accounting for Managing Brokers

When commission splits make perfect sense to everyone,
you can focus on the things that matter.


Never get bogged down in commissions administration

Have you ever…

...been suddenly stopped by what you thought would be an easy transaction?

...felt that it’s just too easy to let accounting tasks fall through the cracks?

...realized that you are low-key but constantly stressed about commission payouts?

When you aren’t able to lift up out of the weeds to make high-level decisions, it can affect your quality of work, your bottom line, and ultimately, your leadership.

You don’t want to have to spend most of your day on accounting. When you have the right tools for the job, you can get the full picture without spending unnecessary hours in cumbersome software.

You can run a smooth, systematic business.

You can be in control of your Brokerage.


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Communicate finances clearly with your Agents

See what’s really going on with your accounts receivable.

How much marketing expenses are you carrying for your Agents? Some of our clients were carrying more than $100,000 before they came to Loft. And some of them didn’t even know it.

What happens when an Agent leaves and you don’t know how much they owe you?

It. gets. awkward. 


So it’s important to ensure you and your Agents are managing your work effectively. Recurring transactions - from managing marketing expenses to processing commission checks for the Agents - should be done smoothly, quickly and accurately.

The right accounting oversight gives your Agents full transparency, too, so when your Agents ask….

How much do I owe in marketing?

How much have I paid this year in XYZ?

What is my business costing me to run?

They'll have access to the information.

Loft helps you run a fully integrated, collaborative and cohesive Brokerage. One where you can see the complete picture of Agent deals. You can forecast your revenues with accuracy, and you can see your profit and loss... live!

Suddenly, running a Brokerage looks a lot easier.

When your Agents can see what’s coming down the pipe without coming to you, you can spend less time digging through paperwork.

You can spend time on growing your bottom line.



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