How Loft47 Turned Real Estate Agent,Ted Schaar’s, Life Around Financially

Sasha Hryciuk

How Loft turned my life around ( least).

I was one of those agents who just paid everything out of whatever credit card or checking account that had money available to use. I ran fast and didn't have time for bookkeeping. Still don't to this day!

Low and behold, I was a financial mess. Not only did I hate paying taxes, but the thought of organizing all the paperwork and going through my bills was unbearable! Especially since I was doing the taxes after all the possible extensions were due, and to figure out what was business and what was personal? What a mess!

What do I do now? The same rat race? Heck, no! I was introduced to Loft47 and Xero and WOW -- CHANGED MY LIFE! Yes. THAT WAS IT. Then something else happened that I thought was interesting -- now that my books were clean (essentially automatically with a few minor exceptions), I was actually saving thousands of dollars a year because my accountant recommended a new tax strategy that saved me a lot on taxes. And I mean A LOT. My accountant could se my books and where I was spending my money much clearer. I can now get reports in a flash (easy for lending...I'm just in the process of buying another rental property and they asked for my Profit & Loss. Had it up in just a few clicks!).

Other benefits include:

  • What my brokerage REALLY costs (that was an eye-opener for me!)
  • Optimizing tax and cash flow forecasts
  • Being best prepared for an audit, if one should ever come
  • Saving money with accounting and bookkeeping by automation
  • Taxes are done in a moment
  • And many, many more!

To put it in a nutshell, I could never run my business without Loft47 and Xero. Never. It's a must for agents selling real estate today.

You can personally reach out to me and ask questions. I've become a raving fan of Loft's. Agents should be more aware of their financial house and Loft and Xero allow them to.

Looking Forward to Serving You -- Ted

You can find Ted here: Email, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin