We Understand Real Estate

Transaction Processing has challenging problems worth solving.

It takes a small village to complete the sale of a property. Closing a transaction involves many parties including, buyers & sellers, agents, brokerages, lawyers, escrow & title companies, loan officers and insurance agents. Our team and extended network have experienced the process through these perspectives and are passionate about Real Estate.

Working with agents, small and large brokerages highlights the complex workflows that all parties have to abide by in order to successfully complete the sale. Document and data sharing is still manually handled, communication is executed through multiple channels, compliance, financial structures and calculations are not standardized, workflows can vary by Brokerage and visibility is practically non existent.

Our Approach

We can take on the work so you don’t have to.

The most important part of a Brokerage’s business is not processing deals. A Real Estate Brokerage’s success is tied to the performance of their agents.

Focus on recruiting, retention and training create opportunities for growth. We are providing transaction processing services that will allow Brokerages to focus on their core competency while providing a great experience for their agents.

Our service and unique platform provide easy document and data sharing, simple and automated workflows, communication tools, and a full accounting suite.

The Loft Philosophy

We’re all about Real Estate, technology and workflow. 

Loft is located in Vancouver, BC and is made up of a great and enthusiastic team of developers and progressive, forward thinking Real Estate professionals. We are laser focused on solving challenges in transaction processing.

We take pride in being a learning organization and are dedicated to continually improve our product and process through technology.

Our goal is to minimize the time spent by all parties in the process including brokers, agents, clients, and legal representatives so they can easily complete the closing requirements, bringing them efficiency, clarity and visibility to the complete transaction life cycle.