• Does Loft integrate with transaction creation systems?

      Yes, Loft integrates with Dotloop, DocuSign Transaction Rooms and SkySlope. This eliminates duplication of data entry.

  • Does Loft offer reporting for my franchise?

      Loft provides franchise reporting for some brands; inquire directly for info on your franchise.

  • Is this solution mobile?

      Yes, Loft can be accessed from any device with a browser, including tablets and phones!

  • Can my Agents see their data?

      Absolutely, Agents have direct access to all deals, commission paystubs, performance and production information including self-serve 1099 and T4A tax forms. Agents may additionally sign up for their own automated accounting account to run their independent contractor business.

  • Does Loft handle complex commission plans?

      Yes, Loft accommodates complex commission plans, as well as ordering of calculations. Loft auto-calculates, prorates and caps Agent plans which then can roll over on an Agent’s anniversary or calendar year.

  • Does Loft accommodate Teams?

      Yes, Loft provides a comprehensive team setup structure for production and calculations. Additionally, Loft handles team deductions which aggregate fee totals across team members.

  • Can I pay my Agents by direct deposit the next day?

      Xero integrates with many direct payment providers, such as bill.com, Plooto and more.

  • How long does it take to get set up? Can I convert data from my existing program?
      Onboarding takes 1-4 weeks, depending on brokerage size.

      Setup includes:

      Loft Data Import (provided in spreadsheet format)
      -Agent profile detail
      -Deal deduction fee detail
      -Agent assignment of deductions / overrides
      -YTD production by Agent & YTD deductions by Agent

      Xero data import (provided in spreadsheet format)
      -Agent list & Supplier list
      -Chart of accounts (GL Codes)
      -Chargeable item codes w/ GL assignment
      -Agent A/R balance at ‘go live’
      -Repeating billing set up / orientation
  • Am I locked into an annual contract?

      No, both Loft and Xero are month-to-month subscriptions.

  • Is training and support included?

      Yes, training is provided to our users during set up. Once a customer has been onboarded, Loft provides general app support. We also host weekly Loft training webinars and contract out an expert Xero trainer for weekly Xero webinars.