The Benefits of Integrating Loft47 & Dotloop

Transaction details from Dotloop powered Real Estate Agents, teams or Brokerages flow to Loft, automating the accounting and payroll for keyless closings.
Supply your Agents with a powerful transaction management tool and access to their performance and payroll history, on demand
Documentation and checklists completed in dotloop will sync to Loft automatically. No additional document management required
Use the data provided in Dotloop to automate commission management in Loft47. No more data entry is required

How We Work Together  

Watch how easy it is to generate a deal in Loft and have it ready for payout using data already entered in Dotloop!




About Dotloop


Dotloop replaces your form creation, e-sign, and real estate transaction management systems with a single end-to-end solution, while helping you streamline your business with real-time visibility into your transactions.


   + Real time visibility into transactions and their business
  + Robust compliance and reporting
   + Best in class agent technology
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Hear it from Real Customers

Ted Schaar from RE/MAX Gallery attributes a ton of time saved working with the Dotloop and Loft47 integration: 

Technology can never replace the human element in a real estate transaction. However, it can take a lot of the information processing off your hands so you and your Agents are free to be more productive.” – Ted Schaar

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